Top 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Truck Accident Lawyers

choosing truck accident lawyers

Getting into an accident with a large truck can be devastating for you and your family. Trucks can be massive and their drivers may not always pay attention to what’s in front of them. When you get hit by a large truck, you will most likely sustain serious injuries.

For you to get compensation for your injuries, you will need the help of a truck accident attorney. Most people have trouble finding the best attorney to represent their case. If you don’t get the right lawyer, they might not put enough effort into your case and you may get a low settlement offer.

Here is a list of the factors you need to consider when choosing truck accident lawyers.

1. Ask Around

If you’re involved in any sort of accident and need an attorney, ask friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers who they would recommend. People are the best resources for knowing if you can trust an attorney or not. They will give their honest opinion, whether it is a positive or negative one.

Once you have the name of an attorney or a firm, go online and look at their website. Make sure they have truck crash expertise. Read the testimonials on their website.

2. Ask About Their Track Record

After you locate an attorney, you should ask some key questions. In particular, ask the attorney about their track record. Do they win cases, or do they settle out of court?

Look for an attorney who is willing to stay with you for the long haul. You want an attorney with both court experience and settlement experience.

3. Look for a Reasonable Payment Structure

Ask the attorney about their payment structure. Typically, personal injury attorneys do not ask for payment until they’ve finished the case. This is called a contingency payment.

This payment means that the attorney will not ask for payment until they’ve won the case or settled out of court. Basically, once you receive payment, then you need to pay them.

If the attorney does not use a contingency payment, you need to be aware that you’ll have to pay the attorney as time passes.

Ask the attorney how they handle hidden expenses. You will have a variety of fees to pay, such as police reports, court fees, and investigator fees. Usually, a personal attorney pays for these fees and then bills the client once they’ve settled or won the case.

Ask for a written agreement that states how the attorney will receive payment and how they will handle extra fees.

4. Seek Someone Who Cares

Look for an attorney who is interested in your case. When you have your first meeting, you want an attorney who is engaged in what you’re saying. You should have their full attention.

Know the signs that someone is listening to you. They’ll nod their head, make eye contact, and ask questions. When you finish telling your story, they’ll respond appropriately with either an empathetic comment or a question.

This means the attorney will be paying attention to you and not checking their phone as you talk. They’ll take notes and ask questions. The more detailed the questions, the more engaged the attorney is.

5. Look for Someone With Truck Accident Experience

All attorneys understand some aspect of the law. If you’re involved in a truck accident, you need an attorney with specific experience in truck accident claims.

Trucking laws may differ in your state from regular automobile laws. Experienced truck accident attorneys understand the laws, and they will make sure you receive the compensation you’re due when a trucker breaks the law.

6. Seek a Good Communicator

Look for an attorney that seeks to communicate with you. When you meet with the attorney, they should ask you about the best form of communication for you. Are you most reachable by email, text, or phone?

Good attorneys will keep their clients informed about their cases. If your attorney does not prioritize communication in the initial interview, look for a different lawyer.

7. Read Testimonials

You can find testimonials on the attorney’s firm website. You can also find them on Google reviews or other websites like Avvo and Look at social media as well to see what people are saying about the law firm you’re considering.

You may find some negative reviews among the positive. This doesn’t mean the lawyer is all bad. It just means they’ve had a lot of experience and have worked with many clients.

8. Ask About Damage Expectations

Experts claim that a truck accident that injures a single person will cost the trucking company around $150,000. If the accident involves a fatality, it costs millions of dollars.

A truck accident attorney knows these numbers and seeks a fair claim. Your truck accident attorney will help you see the need to seek damages for lost income, reduced earning potential, medical bills, disability, pain, mental distress, punitive damages, property damage, and low quality of life.

You may not receive just compensation without an attorney on your side.

A good attorney that reviews a truck accident case will know exactly what damages to ask about.

Choosing Truck Accident Lawyers Wisely

When choosing truck accident lawyers, look for these qualities. A good attorney will come with positive references and reviews. They’ll also communicate with you clearly and express a desire to continue communicating clearly throughout the duration of the case.

Furthermore, the attorney will care about your case. They’ll listen to you from the start, take notes, and ask detailed questions.

Do you need a truck accident attorney or a personal injury attorney? If so, contact us. Our firm has a team of qualified experts that can help you receive the damages you’re due.

Call us today, and let us help you.

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