7 Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Fontana

motorcycle accident lawyer

In the United States, motorcycles make up only 3 percent of all registered vehicles and a mere 0.6 percent of total miles traveled. However, motorcyclists account for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities, 18 percent of occupant fatalities, and 4 percent of all occupant injuries.

Even non-fatal motorcycle accidents can prove costly to the victims involved, though. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to incur a motorcycle accident injury, you’ll need the best possible legal representation to get the compensation you deserve. And that means hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of hiring a Fontana motorcycle accident attorney.


1. Help You Seek Compensation

After a motorcycle crash, you may be struggling with physical injuries, property loss, and even lost income. The main benefit of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is being able to pursue compensation for these injuries and losses.

You could attempt this alone. But hiring a lawyer makes it much more likely that you’ll get a fair motorcycle accident settlement. Studies show that victims with legal representation receive 3.5 times bigger settlements than those without.

With a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, you won’t have to worry about going out of your way to prove to the court that you deserve this compensation. Instead, you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and let your attorney take care of everything.


2. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help You Calculate Your Losses

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You’re much more likely to recover fair compensation with legal representation because attorneys know how to calculate the true extent of your losses.

Many people think that covering their medical expenses is enough. However, the losses incurred following a motorcycle accident injury can be a lot more complex.

One reason for this is that it can often take time to reveal the true extent of the damage. Some injuries, such as whiplash and internal injuries can take time to appear. Additionally, the psychological impact of road accidents can be long-lasting, affecting your everyday life for months or even years.

These damages can lead to loss of income, reduced quality of life, and pain and suffering. Your compensation also needs to include property damage and the losses incurred because of this.

Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys understand the intricacies of injuries and damages associated with a motorcycle collision and how to calculate the true losses you’ve experienced. This calculation can then ensure that you get the amount of compensation you’re entitled to.


3. Gather Evidence

Motorcycle accident attorneys know exactly what evidence to look for and where to get it to prove that the other party’s negligence is to blame for your accident. From gathering videos and photos to eyewitness testimonies, an experienced lawyer is sure to put together a convincing case.

In particular, it helps to have an expert in cases involving motorcycle accidents on your side. Specialist lawyers understand automobile drivers’ inattentional blindness toward motorcyclists and how this could have an impact on your case.

They’ll then be able to present all this to the other party before going to court. If the evidence is conclusive enough, the defendant and their representation will be far more likely to pay up before the case goes any further.


4. Offer Expert Guidance

You’re bound to have a ton of questions and doubts following your accident, but without legal representation, it can be tough to know where to turn or who to ask.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer means having a legal expert on your side every step of the way. No matter how complex your motorcycle accident case is, your attorney will be there to offer guidance and advice on everything from communicating with your insurance company to seeking medical care.


5. File Paperwork

Filing a lawsuit involves filing out, reviewing, and submitting an abundance of paperwork.

Without legal representation, you’ll be responsible for completing legal documents and forms and making sure that you submit everything to the right place by the right time. Any mistakes or missing paperwork will mean lengthy delays and may even harm your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.

For a motorcycle accident lawyer, filing the correct paperwork on time to support your case is second nature. For anything that they need you to file, they’ll give you the right document, explain what it’s for, and tell you how to fill it in.


6. Navigate the Legal Process

Paperwork isn’t the only complicated part of the legal process. From gathering evidence to communicating with the other party, putting together your motorcycle accident case takes a lot of time and attention.

If you don’t hire a lawyer to do this for you, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to get everything done before the deadlines with no mistakes. As a result, your case could suffer delays.

In contrast, your attorney’s experience in navigating the legalities of similar cases means they can sail through the whole process in no time. This will show professionalism and the urgency that judges want to see.


7. Provide Court Representation

Often, people assume that all lawyers are for is court representation. But if you hire a lawyer with expertise in handling motorcycle accidents, you’ll likely get the compensation you’re demanding before your case even makes it to the courtroom.

If you do have to go to court, having legal representation in place means that you can let your attorney do all the talking. It’ll be up to your lawyer to present your case, question the defendant, and ask any witnesses to reveal their side of the story. They’ll also tell you what to say when you’re asked to speak.

Without legal representation, though, you’ll have to do all the talking and questioning, with no one to explain to you how to do it or what to say. And when you’re not familiar with all the nuances of the legal system, it’s all too easy to slip up and say something that could harm your chances of receiving a settlement.


Why You Need to Hire a Fontana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer for your motorcycle accident case offers invaluable benefits. Not only does having the best attorney on your side make it more likely that you’ll get the compensation you deserve, but it also means that the process of filing a lawsuit will be simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Are you looking for legal representation following a motorcycle accident injury? Feel free to contact us here at Fontana Injury Law Group for more information or to request a consultation.

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