Pedestrian Accident Victim: What Are the Next Steps?

pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents are a very real possibility, as there are 7,000 pedestrian deaths and approximately 104,000 emergency room visits with non-fatal injuries from pedestrian accidents.

A pedestrian car accident can cause devastating injuries that can cause lifelong consequences. It’s essential to seek medical attention and secure legal representation immediately after a pedestrian accident.

Here’s how you should respond to a pedestrian accident in case you’re ever involved in one.


What Constitutes a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian accidents usually involve a collision between an automobile driver and someone traveling on foot. In a pedestrian accident, victims typically deal with more severe injuries.

The driver could even face prosecution depending on the circumstances. Always exercise some pedestrian safety tips to protect your well-being, and to make sure that you’re lawfully using crosswalks and other pedestrian walkways.


What Steps Should You Take?

After a pedestrian car accident, the next steps are critical. Following these steps can help you care for the injuries, document the accident, and handle a legal filing or out-of-court settlement.

Following these steps carefully can help you prepare for the personal injury claims process.

1. Get Emergency Medical Care Immediately

If you’re ever hit by a car, seek medical care immediately. Pedestrian accidents can be life-threatening because pedestrians can be run over or take on the direct brunt of the vehicle collision.

Visit the emergency room immediately and accept medical transport from the scene. During the initial emergency room visit, you may get a better understanding of the injuries you suffered and the type of medical recovery it will require.

2. Alert the Authorities

The accident report from the scene of the wreck will be one of the most important pieces of evidence that you’ll acquire for your case. Local police and sheriff’s officers will come out to the scene and create a detailed report about what happened, what witnesses saw, the time of day, traffic patterns, and important points.

The report will note what types of injuries were suffered, provide contact and insurance information from the driver, and general information about everyone’s involvement.

It’s important to your evidence because it is a matter of official record. This provides your lawyer with the starting point they need to expound on evidence and build a case that supports your claim.

The report from law enforcement helps give an entire picture of what transpired, along with the aftermath. Calling the authorities also protects the safety of the injured pedestrian. They will re-direct traffic and keep those involved in the accident out of harm’s way.

3. Document All the Details

photo of car accident

The details of what exactly happened are critical in proving a pedestrian accident case. You first need to establish that you were lawfully crossing the street, walking, standing, or otherwise traveling in an area where you were allowed.

This helps you establish liability and wrongdoing in the case. Record notes about the accident so that you sharpen and save your recollection of the accident. Write what actions the driver took and what you were doing at the time. Try your best to get the other driver’s license plate number and exchange information with them.

If the driver leaves the scene, it also becomes a hit-and-run scenario. Record as much as you can about the accident so that your case is starting with a solid foundation of information.

This includes things like the make and model of the vehicle, license plate number, vehicle color, and a description of the driver.

4. Be Cautious of the Insurance Company

The driver’s insurance company may try to reach out to you after the pedestrian accident. It’s best to avoid making statements to them if they reach out.

Insurance companies oftentimes take advantage of accident victims by using their statements to undermine their claims. Even a passing apology can be used to construe an admission of guilt.

It’s best to minimize contact with the insurance company, and instead, rely on a personal injury lawyer for protection. A lawyer can protect your rights and handle communication with the insurance company so that you aren’t taken advantage of.

Acquire medical records immediately after a car accident so that your injuries are on the record and vetted by medical professionals. It’s one of the most important pieces of evidence that you’ll have, and you’ll build on it by following your treatment plan.

This can help prove that your injuries are legitimate and that you’re taking them seriously by actively seeking healing and recovery.

5. Avoid Making Statements About the Accident

Many people involved in accidents ruin their chances of winning by making public statements. Speaking too freely about the case can cause you to undermine it if the facts are called into question, or there’s any question about the legitimacy of your injuries.

It’s best to avoid discussing the details of the case on social media, at work, or around others. Refer any inquiries to your attorney.

6. Consult With Legal Professionals

lawyer and client relationship

Take the time to get representation from the best legal professionals available. They should be American Bar Association (ABA) certified and licensed, with a specialty in vehicle and pedestrian accident personal injury cases.

Book consultations with personal injury lawyers that specialize in pedestrian accident cases. During the consultation, your lawyer will discuss your potential legal strategies and let you know what damages you can seek.

Ask the attorney about their fee structure so you know what working arrangement you’re signing up for. Hiring a lawyer is crucial for establishing fault, proving your injuries, and substantiating their value.


Recover From Your Pedestrian Accident

These tips will help you when you need help recovering from a pedestrian accident.

The Fontana Injury Law Group can assist you with any questions or legal representation you need. Take time out to contact us online or by calling (909) -775-5359.

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